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Best SEO Company in Orange County - RANKAROO

RANKAROO speaks out about SEO
Real Search Engine Optimization should be about "Sales Conversions", and not traffic.
Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process that must be consistently kept up and managed. Google Algorithm's change all the time which causes some websites to go For Example: from page 1 to page 400 because they did not keep up with the patterns.

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization"
Search is a science. I define the word "Search" as "Searching for a Solution". Most people would say it's about traffic. I disagree simply because, it is easy to find traffic, difficult to discover quality traffic that turns into valued conversions. After all, it's all about results. Without a thorough understanding how the science of online marketing is constructed and actually works, it is almost impossible to understand the proper methods and techniques to keep up with changing Google algorithms which house the new optimized patterns.