If you need to hire a dedicated SEO Company Orange County for your business and or an online marketing form than this article is for you.
  • How do I hire the best SEO company?
  • How do I know this SEO company is the best one for this job?
  • What skills should this SEO company possess?
  • What do I need to know about the SEO company I am thinking of hiring?
  • What’s important in an SEO company?
  • What’s not so important for SEOs today?
  • How can I be 100% confident in my decision?
First I would like to discuss the option of hiring a college graduate verses experience verses a computer geek.

I. It has been my experience that hiring the combination of a computer geek with experience is a much better value and choice than just going by college credentials with little or no experience.
II. Regarding SEO credentials or certifications. There really are no standard certifications for SEO in the industry. Therefore, the best you can do is ask to see some examples of their work.

Second, The SEO company you hire needs to have a marketing direction for your business.

I. Strategy, a competent SEO professional must have strategic capabilities. Of course you can hire SEO experts from third world countries or Off-Shore to save a few dollars here and there but, in the long run it may cost you more money and time. Additionally, you may need a SEO professionals who comprehends how to integrate the mechanics of SEO into a broader marketing strategy.
II. A good SEO company understands that SEO is a marketing methodology, and it must interact with other methods such as paid search, content marketing, branding, PR, and social media.
III. It is equally important that the SEO company you hire understands and is a master of the English language, terms and phrases. Many of your Off-Shore companies use translation tools which at times does not make any grammatical sense.

Here are some definitions for each SEO term and archetype:
  1. Onsite – This SEO technique focuses on the back end of the website in order to implement and administer actual on page keywords, phrases, meta tags and titles in order to help make the website rank. Much time should be spent during this SEO stage as being one of the most important requirements for a website to rank in today’s market place.
  2. Technical – Technical SEO works with tools, programs and reports and, should be able to diagnose any website issues and redirects of multiple URL’s or hosting services.
  3. Offsite or Off-page – Offsite SEO works outside the website in order to help your website rank properly on the top pages of the most popular search engines. It is in the Offsite techniques where we may implement and SEO building links, backlinks, business forums, citations, and figuring out additional ways to reach quality traffic such as creating a social media buzz or, writing articles such as blogs and e-zine articles.
  4. Organic Local – Local SEO focuses typically in the geographic area of your brick and mortar business location and its’ direct surrounding areas. This SEO technique is not a pay per click program.
  5. Multi-State or National – This is where the SEO program looks to reach a broader target range typically reaching multiple communities, cities, states and regions.
Understanding your business needs will help you to choose the SEO company that is right for your specific needs.

The better you understand what you need, the easier it will be when selecting the SEO company to manage your online marketing campaign.

The following skills are what each SEO company should have in their portfolio in order to properly manage your SEO campaign.

On-Site or On-Page SEO
  • Keyword, phrase and term research and mapping
  • Content marketing and writing including blog and e-zine auditing, content generation, and content publishing technology
  • Site architecture
Technical SEO
  • Web 2.0 submissions
  • URL Management, including 301/302 redirects and canonicalization
  • Mobile SEO, including configuration methods and common mobile mistakes
  • Site speed – the ability to understand site speed issues and remediation
  • Rich snippets and schema markup
  • Crawl simulation and analysis
Off-Site or Off-page SEO
  • Basic link building, backlinks, business forum submissions, press releases, blogs and articles.
  • Social media links and shares. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are the top platforms. Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, also help.
Local SEO
  • NAP placement and consistency
  • Citation building
  • Reputation management
  • Local directory listings including Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo! and others
  • Analytics and reporting – Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics.
  • Algorithm changes – Keeping current with Google’s algorithm changes is important, as well as knowing the difference between Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon.
  • Paid SEO – Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaigns are paid advertising SEO techniques designed to rank your business quickly on page 1 of the top search engines however, you pay for each visitor.
  • Video – optimization, trends, and platforms for YouTube and website.
  • Domain knowledge – Knowledge how to use the domain name to attract visitors to your website.
  • Site security — SSL certification, TLS, and the best practices surrounding SSL and SEO. This is necessary for websites that take payments for products and or services
SEOs should be honest and clean and needs to adhere to Google guidelines and best practices.

Remember, cutting corners to get to the top pages of the most popular search engines too quickly may get you kicked off the internet if you are using unacceptable SEO techniques that Google deems to be what they call “Black Hat”.

Always abide with 100% SEO integrity.

If you do not know, there are two types of SEO practice:  white hat and black hat.

Black hat tactics are not usually illegal, but they are unethical. Some techniques might be ethical, but they nonetheless pose liabilities for your business.

An SEO who engages in black hat methods should not be trusted.

SEO companies in White Hat methods that follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are to be trusted.

I maintain that an SEO, more than most other positions, needs integrity. The sordid past of SEO is only one reason integrity is required.

Conclusion: Hiring the perfect candidate!

There’s no such thing as a perfect SEO, but there is the right SEO professional for your organization.

The bottom line is if you feel comfortable with the SEO person, and that SEO professional provides all of the answers to your questions than perhaps you should consider trying them out.

If you have any questions or, wish to try our SEO and or online marketing campaigns, Hire Rankaroo - Orange County SEO  Expert online at


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